Of chocolate

An exceptional history

Chocolate arrives at the Spanish court in the 16th century. Vanilla, honey, sugar will slowly soften this beverage and all European courses will then succumb to this new gluttony.

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infinite nuances

Purpose of all lusts

In 1615 Princess Anne of Austria, Infante of Spain, married Louis XIII and introduced cocoa to the Court of France. At that time, only a select few had the pleasure of enjoying chocolate. It was only at the beginning of the regency of Anne of Austria that chocolate really spread to the Court. More than a century later, Marie Antoinette had a counselor, officially named "Chocolatier de la Reine" Chocolate then appeared under new recipes, found in confectionery Blending chocolate and orange blossom or sweet almonds.

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Which delight...

Louis d'or en chocolat

A royal Mêt

For the Mayan and Aztec peoples, cocoa is of divine origin and is given many powers over the soul and body. It is finally by crossing the Atlantic, that he seduces the palace of the Kings of Spain, France and many courtyards of the ancient continent.

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