Anne of Austria, initiator of chocolate in France

It is necessary to wait 1615 thanks to the wedding of the Princess of Spain, Anne of Austria with the young king of France, Louis XIII for the chocolate to cross the Pyrenees and conquer the French palace.

The Queen leaves nothing to chance when it comes to tasting this precious nectar since the latter is prepared according to the rules of art, by a true cohort of Spanish maids whom she brought from the court of the Habsburgs.

Apart from the restricted circle of courtesans and close friends of the Queen, few people have had the pleasure of tasting cocoa with the exception of some notable personalities such as Cardinal Richelieu who consumed it for its
healing virtues and Fortifying.

It is only from 1643 with the regency of Anne of Austria that the taste and the habit of consuming chocolate spreads among some great aristocrats of the court, a fashion that turns into passion in the following decades.

Marie Antoinette, Gourmet Queen

Like any respected Habsburg princess, Queen Marie Antoinette does not kid with chocolate. She arrives at the
Cour de Versailles with her own Viennese specialist who is awarded the very official title of "The Queen's Chocolatier".

The latter multiplies
culinary inventions by mixing in particular chocolate with orange blossom or sweet almond.

This taste of the Queen for Cocoa is not limited to drink, the wife of Louis XVI is also seduced by the first chocolate confectionery invented by French artisans, especially the pistoles specially created for the pleasure of one of The most mythical monarchs in the history of France.