The origins of cocoa: food of the Gods and Kings 

    In the second millennium BC, the culture and consumption of cocoa in the form of a spicy beverage spread throughout pre  Columbian Central America. 

      In the Maya, what is called "Kakaw" is a healing potion of divine origine that heals the soul and the body. Two millennia and a   half later, the Aztecs dedicated a veritable cult to the fruit of the cocoa, whose origin they attribute to the god of wisdom and   knowledge, Quetzalcoatl.

      In the 1519, the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma offered a bowl of cocoa to the conquistador Hernan Cortes. Nine years later, it was the turn of Charles V, King of Spain and Ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, to taste it. 

       Chocolate, the drinks of the gods of the New World, crosses the Atlantic to become a drink of the Kings of the old continent.